I need me a bird by JimSavage
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I hate commercials with happiness by Smithforce
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The Best Singer on Earth by Flame
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guys, be nice to smithforce by Luna Prey
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Why are you here by HiddenBat
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AUTISM. by Nothing
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Hooked on a feeling by Hellbilly
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Thrill kill - Is she dead? by BELIAL
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Do you ever get the feeling that the world is all a part of you??? by Lachshrae
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SC BOOK CLUB by Cadaver
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Respect by Bodhi
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Fantasies of Murder by ShogoMakishima
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It's confirmed, I am a narccist by Luna Prey
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Music to Suit Your Mood - Part 2 (unglitched) by Edvard
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The thread for fucking good music. by theBlack
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Linux. by Lachshrae
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I'm hungry. by Lachshrae
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All it is: (Book of memes) by Cadaver
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Whoareyou by whoameye
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Do you cheat on your significant other? by Claire
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I have concluded that the internet is full of retards. by Lachshrae
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How would you take over the world? by Systematic
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My computer crashes two or three times a day by Lachshrae
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Sociopaths - Sense of loyalty? by BELIAL
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Official Manipulation Thread by Daniella
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