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Memorable Quotes From Forum Members

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    Post your favorite quotes from other forum members (past and present) and tell us what makes that quote so memorable to you.

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    from Dexter .. sterling work

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    "I'm not in here reading minds, and that is not what sociopaths do. Most people think we have some kind of superpowers or Sherlock Holmes skills of deduction, but that is drama. In reality people like me get reactions out of you over and over and over until we figure you out. Reactions are truth. They are subconscious. Your subconscious is terrible at lying, unless you are a sociopath in which lying is part of who you are. You are not seeing yourself from where I'm standing. I am firing off a shotgun blast of opinions about you and seeing where you defend yourself, and then I am digging into those weaknesses to see what comes out. You think defending and explaining yourself in a manner that is conducive shows strength. It does not. All I do is look through your words and get a better picture of who you really are."



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    The best I've seen you come up with so far, is spamming this site with your youtube and word vomit. A retard could manage that.

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    "I hope you Get run over by a stampede of rabid  octopus"  -Green 

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    You look exactly like someone I know.  The avatar, at least.



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    "You're such a delectable slut, damaged."

    - Alterego

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    "Quit clinging to the past. I've moved on from my abusive childhood, clearly you haven't. What's more amusing to me is the lengths you'll go to attacking me, desperately trying to get a reaction. I'm cool as a cucumber, darlin'." - Thrill Kill

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    by thesugargirl

    "Quit clinging to the past. I've moved on from my abusive childhood, clearly you haven't. What's more amusing to me is the lengths you'll go to attacking me, desperately trying to get a reaction. I'm cool as a cucumber, darlin'." - Thrill Kill

     That's not my quote. That's a quote from Demon or demondisciple (one of those two trolls).

    Learn2quote properly.

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    Thrill Kill: you do realize I don't even really laugh when i type lol, right?

    Thrill Kill: when I find something geuninely laugh out loud funny (hilarious) I type LOL

    Thrill Kill: when I take baths, I splash and snort like crazy


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    That was a very good one;-)

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    by thesugargirl

    Thrill Kill was right. I deserved to be raped. I'm such a useless whore.

    So true.

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    "makes them crave more the D" (referring to daddy issues) - Rasserenata

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    "Rasserenata: You just said you absorbed your father's behavior, who has asperger's.

    Rasserenata: Thst's a fucking excuse

    dexter: An asperger assburger from mcdonalds is what my dad is

    Rasserenata: Imma slap your bitchass face

    Rasserenata: DURAAAAAK"

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    by Postmodern Sociopath

    On this week's issue of "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being an Unsettling Shut-in. Also I think I'm a Robot".... 

    The trick to getting people to like you is to get them to do favors for you. Once you get one "yes," you can start getting whatever you want. Thank them when they've done it and they'll be more than happy to do it again. People like to feel useful. Busy little bees need to be kept busy. 

    Read this, dress accordingly. Have pretty friends. Watch a lot of Hugh Grant movies and re-enact the fictional parts of his life. 

    It would also help if you weren't a piece of real live evidence for the nonexistence of God. 


    by TNP

    So you look like a mix between a gothic kid, and a gothic kid? Holy fuck balls, it sounds like you sound moderately gothic! 

    So some child remarks on your wardrobe, and it pumps your ego enough to come to Sociopath World and proclaim that you apparently look like a killer, but really, you aren't trying, because you totally just like black? 

    Smooth move, Don Juan Fuckpasio. You could almost wriggle your way into a salt-lined vagina secreting 90 proof tequila out of a hairy lime. Excuse me while I halt my day to bask in your bullshit self-puffery, you delusional little shit-stain no-balls coward. 

    Maybe you'd look more like a Columbine kid instead of a mix if you met the height/weight ratio of a single young adult instead of two squished together in an unholy congress of pudge and self-loathing. 

    Remind me again why you came here? Oh, that's right, to speak to the natives who so dearly have waited patiently for a kindred pimple-faced cunt like yourself to come here and regale them with your unabridged tales of badassery and curmudgeoned braggadocio. Excuse me while I vacate my bowels in the presence of an OG killer. 

    Do us all a favor and actually kill something or go the fuck away. Hope to see you on CNN sweet-pea. After all, Fox will run practically anything.


    by Inquirer

    Why is human interaction over a computer valued any less? I like it, it has added benefits that meeting people in person has not. For example, I can turn off my computer and erase you from my life in the blink of an eye.


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    "Bullshit. You and I both know quite well you'd love to dress up in a pig costume and be raped with a broken bottle. Don't worry though, it wouldn't hurt. I'd fully make sure you were unconscious first by stamping all over your ugly mug."


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    "I hate you now. I wouldn't cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire.

    I'll see you in a couple months when I forget."


    See, because I don't have an actual heart, but my dick never met an ass it didn't like.

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    I am the master of depression, and all that encompass it.

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    Spatial mind to Chet (out of the blue in chat lol)

    'If we had sex, it would be like a beast of a dog mating with a cat.'

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