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Coming out as straight is harder than coming out as gay

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    I've plenty of sources I could cite for making such a claim but nah. Being gay isn't having it out for figureheads such as Colin Ireland or mean old parents who have to constantly remind themselves how much they still love their son. It's not having compassion towards the upcoming younger generation that enevitably will include members who struggle to come to terms with their sexual feelings and emotions or being that person those same kids can look to for guidance and support. Being gay isn't wanting to stand up for unfair or prejudice treatment of gays in general or worrying about the false hope coming out as straight would give to kids considering gay therapy. That's called being a healthy logical thinking human being. Ur problem is nobody's gonna believe u, once u made the claim u were different that's the stance ppl decided to take when looking at u. It's not a skin color though. And ur problem shouldn't be them not believing you in a case of the sexually confused child who cried wolf~~The link being the hopeful and suspecting parent hoping their baby would look deep within themselves to find something that would give the parents something to be proud of and since it never happened then those same parents take on the belief u can't change and refuse to believe you if u say u did. It's okay, some of us get that.



    Err this is aimed at goober btw

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    I wanna meet goo just to see if he's bullshitting me  ;D

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