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Do you make your own luck ?

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    Or do you think it's just falls into your lap if your been a good boy or girl.


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    In the great words of Rick Grimes. You know what you have to do, and you do it. 

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    Alizee is a bad little girl.

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    Good and bad have nothing to do with it.

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    if i behave well my mistress lets me rub my clitty thru my chastity cage.

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    Good behavior doesn't attract loneliness and poverty into our lives the way bad behavior does.

    Even the fool who pushed away all their contacts from their own misconduct and lost everything, knows how they cannot gain from begging on the street without kindness.

    Luck can be bad too.

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    luck is made imo

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    I believe in luck actually. I dunno, but I consider myself to be a pretty lucky person. Good things happens to me quite often and I have done nothing to deserve it. Usually it's very rare bad things happening to me. but i've noticed there are people that are just the opposite. bad shit happens with them all the time.

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    Language Morty. What about that time evil Morty shot at you with lasers. Isn't that bad luck? Finding a dimension where your evil?

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    By its very definition,  luck is not self created. It's chance.





    1. 1.

      success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.

      "it was just luck that the first kick went in"

      synonyms:success, prosperity, good fortune, good luck

      "I wish you luck"

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    There is no such thing as luck really. 

    Just fools following fools and foolish ideas.

    If I grab a random woman's butt (I prefer attractive ones) and I don't get charged with sexual assault, it's not luck.

    Trust me, I'm a stupendous liar.

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    I have carried this philosophy taken from an athlete I thought was rather amazing... his theory on luck... when your opportunities are met with your preparation. live by it... stay ready...

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    Findind an evil Morty in another dimension is not bad luck, it's probability. Rick my granddad said it's all mathematical.

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    Leave it to a socio to take credit for luck! 

    Skill is something you have control over. That you can cultivate.  But luck is just luck. Sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't. 

    And you can change your perspective and see things as either unlucky or lucky. In which case,  it flips meaning.

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    Luck is definitely made.

    Find that lucky person in your life. Hmmm, see why they are lucky. Maybe they made a pact with the devil, HAHAHAHHAHA


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