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Cestmir, 8/09/17

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    Chet, I'm so drawn to you. I've never seen you with my eyes in the flesh,  but I know you're the most beautiful woman in the world. You are the best mixture of characteristics a person can be. You're sweet, genuine, hilariously sarcastic, you care, honest, and loving.  But on the other hand you're blunt, snippy, challanging, and insecure. And I wouldn't trade those things either. Because I love all things that make you into who you are. You are the most beautiful person I have met. I want to one day hold your hand, I want to kiss you,  I want to have conversations with I you, I just want to know you. I want to be with you. I want to love you. I want hold you and intertwine our bodies together. I want to see your naked soul,  I want to hear what your brain comes up with at 3 in the morning. I can't put it into words. Even this is a horrible representation of what I feel because I am so unsure of what this is. All I know is that I'm not done with you.

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    Chet has a gross nerdy voice. She also has a big-ass nose. And is a loser that works at walmart.

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    you have all the characteristics of someone who can't get a girl out of the internet ( maybe even here as well ) so you feel the need of typing here what you lack in social skills?

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    Confirmed. Spite is Chet. wash, rinse, repeat.  she's feeling ignored again. xd

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    Congratulations, you're the most pathetic person on the internet today.  

    What's your address? 

    I'll send you a prize. 

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    Is that Turncoat?

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    I thought Chet was a guy

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    It's a nice love letter.

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    Women typically are repulsed when a guy pours out their feelings like that. Still I imagine Chet would enjoy what you wrote, and keep you not as partner, but as a convenience.

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    i can see chet giving up her youthful teen boobs for some strong nsupply.

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    She's actually a sweet person. I think she's not interested in sexual relations with people though.

    Could be a genuine disinterest, or maybe she has an embarrising condition that will perish in secret when she's done on this world.

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    girls tell boys they arent into sex regularly in order to turn them down lightly

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    You know you're not done?

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    There was a discussion about her paraphillia. When she refers to herself as being an A sexual, she's being serious.

    She's not what SC noob 

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    ^ I meant to add she's not what SC noobs think she is, when it comes to the whole sexuality thing.

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    Cawk stated:

    there are x million causes for asexuality, i think its her narcissism or daddy issues personally. there are enough clues scattered on this forum that prove she has NPD, or at least traits of it. she even loses self awareness

    Enough clues that there's something going on anyway. Multiple disorders lose self-awareness, and even most non-disordereds really. 

    i doubt shes been through any type of abuse other than emotional neglect at most, too much of a social person for that, not to mention that shes able to hold down a shitty job for a long period of time, which would be almost impossible otherwise

    Could be compensation. These sorts of things can manifest in a variety of ways despite having similarities at their foundations. 

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    her capacity of holding her shitty walmart job for so long would make even neurotypicals jealous

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