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Wonka wants to get into a new industry

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    United States

    1. Finance and Investments (24% of fortunes)

    2. Technology (14% of fortunes)

    3. Food and Beverage (10% of fortunes)

    4. Fashion and Retail (9% of fortunes)

    5. Real Estate (7% of fortunes)


    These are 5 industries and the percentage of billionaires on the forbes billionaires that come from them in the United States. I am already KILLING it in the food and beverage industry. But I want to get into something else. Fashion or retail is not something I am even somewhat interested in. So my choices are


    A. Start a Wonka hedgefund with oompa analysts

    B. Create a real estate empire using my already earned enormous profits

    C. Create a holding company and try to emulate warren buffet and charlie munger as much as possible trying to create my own Berkshire Hathaway

    D. Create a tech company. I'm thinking trying to create a really successful website or app.

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    D requires intelligence and creativity, go with the other options instead.

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    And none of the other options require any intelligence or creativity. Great insult Jim, very well thought out and clever..........

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    Make an alternative for youtube and make it so adds don't pop up in the middle of the video, do not monotize and they will come.

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    Weed edible wonka products. I think this will sell if we can get the legal age reduced to 18 from 21.

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    Dress yourself and the oompa loompas up in corpse makeup and go out on the road as a death metal band.







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    Go into the sex industry.

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    Wonka might enjoy the drug trade. Not only will no one suspect him, but he can use his former experience in the candy business. since what's the difference, really? 

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    ds1o9 stated:

    Go into the sex industry.

    I'm surprised how slim the rule 34 market is for Wonka. 

    Edit: I take that back, somewhat: [1, 2, 3, 4, G]. 

    Still  no  barely any Oompa Loompa gangbangs. 

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    "Create a tech company. I'm thinking trying to create a really successful website or app."

    These are two separate things, it's a lot easier to launch a simple product than it is to create a company. The later being a prerequisite to launching more complex products.

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