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doctor says i stopped my prediabetes progression to diabetes type 2

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    good job jim keep it up

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    what is your carb intake per day?

    people are eating themselves to death


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    did a 10 month 1200 calorie diet then I switched to 1600 this month

    i need 2000 to maintain my weight the calculator says

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    If you were on your way to diabetes it was definitely because you're a fatass. Let's all congratulate Jim for eating like a fat fuck until he became one, almost giving himself a horrible illness, then eating slightly less like a disgusting piece of shit, so he didn't end up getting the disease.

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    one day you'll lose weight and be healthy too, i believe in you! :D

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    What sort of diet did you have before? 

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    Good job Jim, dicapline is sometimes more than it's own reward.

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    thank you caddy daddy :3

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