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what do you guys miss from high school the most?

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    fucking juniors and getting away with sexual harassment.


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    Getting blowjobs in the restrooms.

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    Giving blowjobs in the restrooms. 

    The thing I miss most of all is just being a kid. Especially those innocent moments when you could just let go and be completely content with where you're at. 

    Since I left home it has felt like a constant battle with time and inevitably. 
    Ignorance is bliss I guess. 

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    Obvious answer is 17 year olds.

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    haha high school sucked i don't miss a thing 

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    Not having to pay for as many things. 

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    I'm sure you convinced the boys to buy things for you somehow.

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    That lunchtime hustle. 

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    i liked science and social studied class and gym cuz you got to play lots of different fun games and also lunch was always pretty tasty and healthy and you got to visit your friends 

    but i didnt like the bus ride home cuz there were black people and they would steal my headphones and try to scare me >.> 


    im glad its over for the most part tho its just a way to waste kids time so their parents can work... a baby setting system that happens to produce workers... kinda

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    party party every day

    rock and roll all night

    and party every day

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    kek, I'm glad I dropped out of HS in 2013 cuz I was able to jump on the freelance web dev bandwagon and build a reputation and make an income

    why did you drop out? is that you're sucking cyber cocks singing lolicore now?

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    I liked all the ice cream the lunch room sold. And the cookies. 

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    wish you lots of success and ease cawk chan!

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    why did you drop out in the first place?

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