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    That sounds hilarious when I say it out loud
  • 10:12
    Boardway broadwalk
  • 10:12
    Say it ran times more until you're like Ten and Stimpy
  • 10:12
    What genre is that?
  • 10:12
    I thought of you the other day tryp. Somehow my youtube got stuck on an Eric Andre playlist
  • 10:13
    Psychological drama with violence, Missy
  • 10:13
    Tryp, did you leave thatother chat for the same reason I did?
  • 10:13
    What chat
  • 10:13
    Or did you just hate my Schubert?
  • 10:14
    No, someone was yelling at me
  • 10:14
  • 10:14
    So I had to go to the phone up in my safe place
  • 10:14
    What’s a Schubert
  • 10:15
    lol srsly?
  • 10:15
    He was some bipolar nigga that composer shit
  • 10:15
    Oh well that I know
  • 10:15
    He's dead now so whatever
  • 10:16
    I was confused by the “my”
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  • 10:16
    Who's dead O.O
  • 10:17
    Someone is dead?
  • 10:17
    Most composers
  • 10:17
    You're a wonderful high-functioninh autist
  • 10:18
    Uh dude 7.5 billion ppl on earth. More composers than ever
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  • 10:19
    Quit trying to act like Plato's apostle
  • 10:19
    You stop acting like Jesus apostle
  • 10:19
    This composer's very much alive :)
  • 10:19
    Plato 424-347
  • 10:20
    The circles ideal design
  • 10:20
    The cave
  • 10:20
    I'm sorry I'm eating cheez-its
  • 10:20
  • 10:20
    White cheddar or gtfo
  • 10:20
    They make me want to fuck like an animal
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    I love that clio! Have it on a playlist
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    Even cerebrally
  • 10:21
    So skull fuck?
  • 10:21
    The physical world is founded on more than physical things but also an idea of something none materialistic, an idea or a consciousness. Idealism
  • 10:21
    Plato ♥️
  • 10:22
    Eek. Plato's cave.I had professional help with that shit and it's still confusing af.
  • 10:22
    I just don't get it :(
  • 10:22
    Aw now
  • 10:23
    If you put prisoners in a cave, they're tied down so that they only see the shadows on the walls
  • 10:23
    That would become their whole reality
  • 10:23
    Yeah gay idea tbh. Suited his needs because he needed perfect forms materially as the geometers could post proofs
  • 10:23
    So they'd make templates out of it and understand the world from it
  • 10:24
    The shadows would represent the reality outside
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Makeup Review

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    Fenty Stunna lip product 

    beautiful, perfect for holiday release, never seen a color quite like it. 

    The application though is horribly messy and getting it just right is no easy task. Once you do it's beautiful but it doesn't last long. 

    Its only good for an hour or two before you need to touch up... which is why I prefer more natural lip colors. 

    I would only recommend this product for photo shoots ya know doing some instagram makeup whatever 

    but for actual day time wesr or to wear to a Christmas party, the lip color is going to drive insane all night constantly touching it up. 

    There are other products out there though that you can layer on top to really seal it in and make it last so it doesn't fade... but typically these products are only used in performances and stage makeup because they are so intense. 

    Riganna was a little far from reality on this one but, to be fair it is a stunning lip color very gorgeous. 

    It doesn't really go with majority of eye looks though, it kind of steals the show and most colors clash with it... but that is classic Rihanna to do a bold lip and no eye makeup. It looks great on her- other people not so much. 

    What is amazing about Rihanna's whole product line is everything is designed to look good on all skin tones and she is the master of most versatile lip shade. I think that is her main aim is skin tone equality with her products. Very difficult task. 

    The stunna lip looks absolutely amazing on every single skin tone. How. How. 


    cheers to that, a formula can be perfected over time. 

    But the color- is just right. 

    The unusually shaped applicator is supposed to help with precision which I like, although personally I would use an even smaller fine hair brush because this is such a difficult application. 

    Your lips 

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    Have you tried Hourglass Matte Lipstick?

  • 5,890 posts

    I'm typing on mobile and it cut me out of finishing my previous post lol 

    your lips are like a work of art is what I was going to finish saying, once you get done putting this damn shade on. Lol 

    im mainly just impressed with the skin tone versatility it has and I honestly think it's her brands strong suit, and I would love to see whatever she comes out with next. 

    The metalic eye shadows are duo chrome and absolutely beautiful. The metallic eye liners I personally don't care for because it reminds me of when I was 12, but they do look very pretty with the right kind of look I suppose. I haven't seen a metallic eye liner done better than Rihanna's as of yet. 

    Her metallic lip toppers are unique as well, the packaging really represents the brands color scheme with the metallic shades well they are all truly very unique and gorgeous if you're into that shiny lip topper look- they compete with the other lip toppers and metallic eye shadows out there like stila and Kim k and the list goes on... becAuse of their unique duo chrome shades. The reflects are just "out of this world" and haven't been seen before. They're just unique. Which I say props to that. 

    I don't know about lingevity of wear or application, how nicely the product looks on or what it feels like because I haven't bought the metallic line from Rihanna I only have her basic stuff. 

    I want to buy it, a long with a lot of other things but 

    it's just not a makeup must have it's more of a makeup accessory- not a staple piece in your collection and because of that I am waiting to spend my money on that and rather got the thing that sells out most quickly and is limited edition which is the Kylie holiday collection. 

    I was excited to create the unique eye looks you can really only get with Kylie's holiday palettes and I can't wait because they look so gorgeous. 

    I ordered the whole collection and it still hasn't come in the mail, I got a notice about the delay with a lengthy excuse. I don't care as long as it's here in the month of December. Lol but some people would be mad about it I gauntee you. So beware Kylie's products often come with delays, probably because her shit sells out quicker than they can possibly restock. 

    I find it interesting though that everyone on a PR list has gotten theirs already... and I am considering becoming a beauty guru for the soul purpose of getting all the PR they do. Even if I got on one mailing list I think it would be worth it. 

    They get all the latest and greatest makeup products in the beauty industry that are most heavily advertised and from indie brands, right on their door step, before the products even drop, and for free. 

    Often with custom labeling with their names engraved on them, and tons of perks like coupon codes, they get brand deals... some even end up working with one of the brands to create their own line of products. (Cough Jaclyn hill cough) 

    however, I am fed up with the internet and all the petty bull shit that goes on so I dunno if I would really be happy in that position. I just like making makeup videos, that's it. No tea no shade no gossip no petty drama no highlighting my haters no twitter no instagram no collabs. Just me and my makeup. Lol 

    But yeah so I did a makeup video playing with the Jaclyn hill palette and my new brushes. 

    I have to say... I am disappointed with morphe... but the palette is gorgeous. Let me get into that in a second. 

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    Lena stated:

    Have you tried Hourglass Matte Lipstick?

    no because it's over priced and I prefer gucci

  • 5,890 posts


    Honestly I feel like I need to go through the Jaclyn hill palette shade by shade practically... because each formula is different due to the color variation. 

    But to keep it simple and short 

    the glitters are beautiful, not the most powerful punch but if you want your eyes to look like they've been dipped in smooth metal that's been melted down and has a shiny reflective surface smooth as glass- that's what your eye will look like. 

    Its a much smoother shimmer than other glitters out there that tend to be chunky and gross looking on your eye. 

    The lighter shimmers are def something I would repurchase over and over as they are gorg and that packed intense white highlight you need for your inner corners. 

    Layering them however on top of other shades to do a halo eye- the punch is not packed. Lol the shine of it diminishes significantly. 

    The darker shimmers look very muddy. 

    Tbeyre all nice and full though no streaky so that's nice, and blendavility is decent. Takes you some time but it is fairly seamless blend. 

    The darker brown mattes are perfect so so thick and dark that's what she said. The black shade however is no where near true black as it is in the pan it applies so pale and sheer it looks like someone smeared some dirt on your eye. Its patchy, it's a mess. I hate it and I'm so disappointed with the black shade as I was really impressed with the wide range of colors in one palette and I thought it was going to be my go to palette this year for creating looks with a wide variety of color in it. As no palettes out there have this wide of a range of colors in it at this quality. 

    Withiut black though, that ruins this palette for me as I am most excited by eye looks containing blue and black this year... and that's what I wanted to create with this palette. Red and orange looks that implemented contrasting colors like blues purples and blacks.... 


    The purple is perfect but there are better purples out there to be honest that I've found. 

    The light matte shades are a no go for me, the two faced has mastered the tan nurtral and matte orange and pink shades better than her. Way more pigmented more color pay off, more true to pan color.... very buttery and full. 

    The pink shimmer shades are duds they don't do much for me but they're decent for a holiday nude look that's very basic, like a sort of washed out all white-ish look. But there are higher pay off glitters out there that look better... and there are prettier subtle glitters like Bobbi brown... 

    the fall out on Jaclyns Matt dark shades are insane. It looked like I had a black eye by the time I was done playing with them. I know a trick for wiping away fall out without it ruining your makeup but still it was excessive the fall out was near Beverly Hills palette levels. 

    And last but not least the blue shade. This is by far the worst shade in the entire palette and is a huge flop. Nats has a beautiful blue shade in the exact same color that is absolutely beautiful

    aldo it had a horrible chemical smell, the palette is too big to travel with and would be ideal to have been broken up into to smaller palettes for travel friendly packing purposes. The packaging is cheap and pathetic compared to other eye shadow palettes and makes me feel like I am playing with a beta version of it almost... the quality of packaging sucks honestly. I'm not impressed at all. Look at charlotte Tilburry.. look at Natasha denona... look at NARS.. I mean I have seen cheap makeup at target with better packaging than this Jaclyn hill palette. Not to mention it's fucking white so if you get it dirty you're screwed. I feel like the palette needs a case like a damn iPhone to prevent it from getting completely trashed. 


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    omg you should make makeup movies 

  • 5,890 posts

    Mobile kicked me out of my post again. 

    To finish what I was saying about the blue shade. It's not as good as nars to sum it up. It's below sub par, it's patchy it's not true to pan it's not buttery it's powdery it doesn't layer well it doesn't blend well there's no color pay off and it literally fucking sucks. The blue fucking sucks. Lol and I'm so diaapijnrd by that because that was the one color I was most excited to play with. I feel like she enticed us all with that color and it was just flat out trickery because the shade is worse than expired children's makeup it's literal shit. 

    And I forgot to mention the turquoise, compared so mac's turqoise liner it is not as bright and beautiful... its dull and chunky very very chunky. Like playing with gravel which makes it not a blendabke eye shadow it's going to fuck up your eye look so bad. It is only a pack under the under eye shade or a cut crease shade... and Mac turquoise liner is better for an under eye pop of turquoise line..: and probably a cut crease too because it's more precise and not chunky, and brighter fuller color pay off. 

    So im gonna give this whole palette a thumbs down. It's cheap. It's not worth the money. Other products do most of this palette better. 

    There are shades that are patchy, or not true to pan, or have bad color pay off. They don't layer. I have to really work so hard to dip back in and add more and more and more to get any life out of some of the colors, yes they're very blendabke but, there's not enough pigment in most of them making this a bad purchase. You shouldn't have to dip into the same shade eight times... twice max. Twice. sigh and the fall out was a fucking mess, just saying. 

    Im not one to jump on the over hype train and toot my horn shouting at everyone "THIS IS OVER HYPED FUCKKK FUCK FUCK" and shit my literal pants about it. I don't get worked up over shit being over hyped because 

    that's the game. It's business, it's makeup and it's over saturated as hell. The only way to get customers is to promote, especially on social media. 

    If you've created a great product, like farsali.., or huda... good example of over hyped good products. You're an indie brand and this is your way of getting customers and you've put actual hard work into creati a beautiful fucking product then go for it. That's how you get customers. I don't have a problem with hyping up your shit if it's actually fucking good and stands out and you know it does. 

    Jaclyn hill pretended to be unique and different with this palette... the formula is exactly the same as morphe's otber products. She admitted all that's different is how they were pressed, making them more blendable. That's it. 

    This product is a waste of your time and money and I wouldn't recommend buying it, it is definitely over hyped.... way way wayyyyyyyy over hyped. Lol 

    But you go jaclyn for making a mint off of your first shot at making an eye shadow palette in the makeup world. It's clear she gets makeup and she knows exactly what buyers want. She's capable of making something different. Her heart is in it, she's experienced and creative, and has an amazing following aka customers ready to spend their money. Did she take advantage of this?? Probably. 

    I can't tell you I wouldn't do the same thing. 

    However, I do hope she continues to use her talents to refine her future creations and release things higher grade as she is capable and now she definitely has the funds as this palette had sold out and restocked a few times now. 

    I can't wait to see what she makes in the future, not hating on her at all. 

    I just was dissapinted with the palette as, because it is her, I held it to a high ass standard. We all know what she's capable of. Yes you can work with this palette, but it's not the best. 

    Its rare the first thing you make and your first crack at things is going to be "the best" so that's totally okay. 

    But you know when you enter this beauty community it's very competitive and you are up against large companies with very experienced artists working for them, creating what their best is (That can be done within the constraints of profitability an mass production) 

    So you're up against the big dogs ya know, you know. So, I hope she puts her fists up and keeps fighting but 

    I'm gonna say this was a K.O for jacklyn this round, just in retrospect of her competition. It's not the best thing out there, sorry. 

    But yeah, as far as other things out there I wanna try... not reaching for anything Jeffrey star as I've heard mixed reviews and I don't trust it. 

    Laura lee palette and color pop collabs under wanna get my hands on... and the Kathleen lights collabs with color pop look interesting too. I think color pop is knocking it out of the park this year. 

    Also juvias place looks fucking bomb and I've yet to get my hands on any of their palettes so I've got my eye on those. 

    Nikkie tutorials promos the shit out of them. 

    Im going to change my foundation soon but I'm still researching everything I want to try so that'll be a seperate post. I've been using fenty but it's just not full coverage enough. It's great for summer glow looks with medium coverage to let your beautiful tan glow kind of come out from under. It's perfect for summer. 

    But for full glam holiday looks and full coverage... nah. Not the best. 

    So im debating what I'll try. I wanted to get the new huda foundation faux filter because it is the most coverage I've seen other than that weird Russian "world most full coverage foundation" which is basically movie makeup used strictly in Hollywood... but I heard the faux filter had a ton of shit in it that's horrible for your skin and I'm not about that life so I dunno..: 

    La mer doesn't have a shade that suits me and it's too ghostly and pasty looking... over priced. 

    I'm looking to YSL and things like that. We will see what I end up getting. 

    Also, I am hating my NARS concealer. Everyone raves about it but to me it's just not as good as tarte conealers and tarte's shades pop and highlight more which is way prettier. Nars concealer is over hyped... it's average. No shade range. It's creasy. Not bright, not buildabke and it's thick as hell formula wise... and over priced! 

    So yeah! If you're curious about what makeup I look at I can show you who I'm subscribed to and you can also follow my Pinterest it's 

    ive been trying to assemble some organized boards on there but I'm kind of failing at it... 

    I'm currently traveling so I have plenty of time to sit back and attempt to organize it a little better to show the clear products I am digging each season. I have it separated by summer and winter... 

    I could categorize it way more in depth than that honestly with all the makeup and fashion I have on there but... doing it seasonally is more fun. 

  • 5,890 posts

    I forgot to mention the only reason I stayed away from all things color pop up till this point is because my ex girlfriend loved color pop. I know it's stupid but I couldn't look at a single one of their products without my heart ripping in two so, but now that I've gotten over all that drama and bull shit I am like aight fuck that imma try it. Because their new holiday releases just look great honestly. :) 

    so yeah yay... for... new introductions and uh... changes. N shit. 

  • 5,890 posts

    If there could be a palette that exists on this earth where the shades are consistent in formula and application etc 

    that would be amazing 

    I am fed up with this buying shit just to see if it doesn't suck game and it's like you're being bull shitted because only half the shades are decent 

    like dude if you can make a the shade decent don't release it 

    that's why I'm gonna try other brands... juvias place looks the most promising so.. 

    Also the kat von d limited edition saints and sinners palette is fucking great lol the packaging is so fucking extra and at first I was like naw this is gimmicky and then I played with the shades and it's truly a gorgeous fucking palette with colors in it that I've never seen and that I need in my life lol 

    can't help but notice the trend of double palette releases lol beauty industry is genius. Why release one when you can do a whole set and get double the money. Genius! 

    But im liking the trend honestly, if you have the money its fun. If you don't then you're probably like STOP IT no lol 

    bUt the double release theme is just cute it's like oooo naughty or nice I dunno. People will always find a way to make makeup interesting. 

    But the truth is you could give me all the pans for the year in a cardboard box up to my knees all in plain black packaging and I would still fucking buy that shit 

    cuz a whole box of makeup?? Yaaaas 

    dude that's genius they should start doing that for VIPs 

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    Just got off an aeroplane 

    and came home to my fucking Kylie Jenner holiday collection in the mail 

    the highlighter wasn't included so I just ordered it seperate real quick it's not a bad price 

    just cuz this shits limited edition and I'm mad as fuck I missed the boat on the last one 

    so.... yeah. Keeping up with Kylie cosmetics now. 

    I'm officially a huge fan holy shit 

    im super tired I've been traveling nonstop will do more in depth review in a minute but 

    just as my initial first impression I just played with it the palettes and the lips 

    are fucking amazing 

    fucking amazing quality 


    My only complaint is that the lip topper... I don't get why she released them if her sister kim literally did a whole collection of them for the holidays... 

    but the lip toppers just aren't as good as Kim's honestly formula wise so props to Kim. 

    But Kylie's matte formula she's famous for is literal magic 

    and my lips looked fucking huge????? 

    Like I was like woah what the fucKkkkkk 

    i am blown away I am having a heart attack right now Kylie Jenner holy fuck you are magic honey 

    I can tell a lottttttt of hard work was put into this and I am so thankful someone has their shit together in the beauty world and honestly 

    I hope Kylie makes a shit ton more products like Moreno more more give me more please 

    you are a god in the makeup world holy shit 

    holy, shit. 

    but yeah everything is still gorgeous and 

    im just blown away bitch knocked it out the park I'm in love 


    I gotta go to sleep now but will do better review later lol 

  • 5,890 posts

    go to the 20:00 mark to see her finished makeup look. 

    it looks 

    so bad??? 

    no honey...... 

  • 5,890 posts

    the contour looks too red 

    the under eye is too oily 

    she had to cover her face in powder just to mattify it all down 

    her eye look, looks worse than a las vegas stripper's eye makeup. it's way too gaudy. 

    and the lipstick, is too bright- and clashes with the red undertones in her contour and the cranberry in her eyes. 

    it just all together looks like an absolute hot mess i've seen people drunk do their makeup better than this 

    i understand that depending on where you're from, you might be into the heavier makeup... 

    but seriously... 

    no honey... 

    don't ever do your makeup like this!!! it's too much makeup. she went borderline drag, and not in a good way. 

    yuck. her face looks like wax. 

  • 5,890 posts


    i'm sorry but no. 

    the gold eye look is shit, i've seen eye looks way better than this, 

    and you really need to stop wearing green lipstick i'm sorry. 

    tell me who it looks good on. 


    green lipstick is for drag, halloween, artistic looks... and people who go to raves looking like aliens. 

    not for a holiday party. 

    it looks like you've been hardcore munching on a christmas tree. 

  • 5,890 posts

    also i wanted to note 

    after doing my kylie makeup look and my very half assed half asleep review in this thread... 

    i just wanted to add that, i still fucking love it. and it's the perfect holiday gift for someone who wants a bunch of makeup and you don't know what to get them. 

    because her site literally has everything in it. eyeshadow, lips, high lights. 

    and it all comes in that cute little bag which is great. 

    i love the bag because i can just throw it all in there and take it with me on airplanes and stuff and it all actually fits. 

    so many makeup bags, the shit doesn't fucking fit in there. 

    i like how all the collections come with a bag, so u can like have each collection in its seperate bag, i dunno i'm OCD like that. 

    i'm just a sucker for makeup that comes with its own bag honestly, it's huge bonus to me. 

    love the bag. 

    love the eye looks you can create with this, they're all super unique. 

    the shadows definitely don't disappoint whatsoever, they're fucking beautiful. 

    and the lips are, literally, a gift from above because of how they dry down and stay fucking put on your lips- but don't look like shit. and you can't even feel anything there. but they're so pigmented, they smell good. 

    the lip bottles are bigger than the average lipstick too which you can't tell on camera for some reason but it's nice, they're like as large as a large tube of mascara and they're super heavy... 

    but i've never seen a lipstick go on as perfectly as kylie's lip shit does, it's like, BOOM you just PAINTED that fucking lip. no need to go over it over and over again- and if for some reason you do, patchiness won't increase with layering. 

    it's amazing formula wise.

    i fucking love the packaging. 

    online i thought it looked kind of cheap but in person it's very pretty and nice... nice and weighted. and it all matches which is cute in my opinion, sucker for like a whole collection that's all matching like that. don't know why, but it's true. i'm more likely to buy shit, if it all matches. it's just fact. lol 

    it's suh cute. 

    but yeah, would love to see more kylie collections in the future and i hope her brand never dies. she's going in a different direction now with her silver collection but i think that's just what she always does, like she'll release a whole bunch of highlighters at once, or like she's doing now a whole bunch of lipsticks. 

    but i'm mainly interested in just her collections that pop up seasonally. because i'm like a kylie collector and that's all i care about is the limited edition collections. 

    it's good quality makeup, it's very adorable. 

    and if you're a sucker for shit that looks all wintery holiday themed you'll love it lol 

    i have a major, thing. for things, that are sparkly, and wintery. i want to feel, like i am in a winter wonderland. like, this collection is awesome for people who are just super happy about holiday shit and love christmasy glittery shit, like me. 

    so buy it for your girlfriend for you daughter for your wife for your grandma like just, buy it for yourself. put it on. 

    you won't be sorry. 

    it's beautiful. 

    obvi her winter collection is more crazy than her summer collection, which is a more natural look. so if you'r into natural looks, i wouldn't think kylie is your like favorite brand... i would honestly recommend something else just because it's a lot of money and you'll only like half of the lip products and half of the shadows if you only like the natural looks. and you're better off elsewhere. :) 

    that's all now i have to get ready to go... do shit. have a good one. mwah 

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    brown lipstick on medium to dark skin tones with red or golden under hues... is perfection. 

    looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL 

    LOVE IT!!! 

    this lipstick by ASOS and that youtuber is Patricia Bright! source for pic from her ASOS review vid:

    (she was very satisfied with the brown lip as well)

  • 5,890 posts
  • 5,890 posts
  • 5,890 posts

    i'm living for the neutral brown looks (as basic as that sounds) 

    because my fucking skin tone is so damn weird. 

    i will have to film my next video on my sony a5 in lower lighting so you can see how my skin tones really look in person. 

    i am like, brownish tannish... warmish.. olive... but with peachy undertones heavily... 

    so a lot of non-warm makeup just, doesn't suit me that well in my opinion. 

    like light pink lipstick shades, i can't even wear because they just wash out... 

    so i actually take advice from a lot of the warmer skin tone you tubers, which makes sense because i am spanish cajun or french cajun whatever you want to call it... with green eyes and freckles so... 

    even though i'm technically caucasian.... my skin isn't. 

    like my ex gf was mexican and i was darker than her lmao 

    but yeah so... golden brown looks are like, better for me. 

    in my youtube vid i looked washed out, my skin doesn't normally look that white. 

    plus i've been pale since it's winter. in summer when i'm working as a life guard my skin turns the actual color of a brown paper bag. 

    so yeah, i'm into those beautiful brown light to dark lips, and the natural brown eyes. very stunning and clean. 

    with like, some glowing cheek skin action, that's, that's pretty sexy honestly. lol 

    just to deviate from the full glam look you see so often, it's nice to remind ourselves there are other approaches to beauty that are hella sexy that aren't like full beat drag queen take a swim and you look like a different person kinda looks. 

    you feel me? 

  • 2,199 posts

    Lena stated:

    Have you tried Hourglass Matte Lipstick?

    Mmmm! I bought hourglass blush and I LOVE it.  

  • 5,890 posts

    i had a chance to see the new riley rose store 

    and it's fucking awesome. 

    very geared toward like, a bit of a younger, teen.. crowd. 

    but, they have great skin care and makeup products to check out... more diverse than other stores. 

    they even had a book about skin care which i found really more interesting than the products themselves, i'm going to look into more books about it so i don't have to go into buying these products blind... they didn't have the mia 2 by clarisonic skin are thingy magigger which was disappointing because i wanted one... but they did have a ton of awesome face masks and skin care packages- it was honestly endless. but i'm most interested in the products that just promote healthy glowy skin, i like that whole vibe. and they also had those uh... weird lip masks you see people trying on youtube, i would love to try some honestly just because they look like they feel really really good. like, i don't even care if doesn't have results, it just looks like it would feel good. 

    but i just wanted to say the top highlight of the store of things i got to try were the stila eye metal glitter tubes. those rocked my socks off. 

    they had a ton of glitter eye products, there, and at sephora as well. "metallic this" "liquid metal" "shine glitter" bla bla bla 

    so many different methods 

    but all in all the most high intensity, pigmented and non patchy eye glitter product that went on perfectly smooth, was the stila. hands down. 

    the metallic lips trend i'm still on the fence about. they were beautiful in the swatches though... 

    these are the lime crime liquid to matte metallic lip glosses? comparable to the mac lip glasses- however, they are similar to the kylie formula in that they do not budge once they dry down. i swiped my hand hard and they were completely stuck to my hand. they were a bitch patchy though. lime crime seems to a really cool brand. 

    but the eye glitter is something i've been in the market for, originally i was just going to buy mac's little glitters but... now that i've seen what's out there and compared them all... stila is awesome. 

    i just wanted something to be able to do holiday and new years makeup looks with. 

    another trend i've noticed is fuzzy sweaters... tons... of fuzzy sweaters... literally every store has at least one... 

    the cheapest i've found is at forever 21, and it looks the same as all the others- like a giant fluffy sheep jacket. 

    or a cloud puff man. if that's what you're into, go for it. 

    and then last but not least i stumbled across some of these cool things, which looked pretty nice on, although they're both under 30 dollars. 

    and then i tried out the fenty metallic eye shadows (thin and patchy, not heavily pigmented), a long with kat von d's new palatte, a bunch of BH cosmetics palettes, both new urban decay palettes, and the new two faced chocolate bar palettes, the colour pop palettes (super buttery and soft) the new prism anastasia palette (also very buttery) ... my biggest complaint is the natasha denona palettes. 

    as you can see here, iw as drawn in by this crazy blue and orange, it's hard to find a palette including both and i'm all about it. i tried blending them together and it was a muddy mess. so, really this palette blends nicely between all the shades here, except the blue. the blue can only be placed or packed on very carefully with a packing brush ontop and likely some setting spray... it was soooooo muddy i was surprised honestly. looked like shit. 

    one last comment about makeup shit going on lately. TBH the new kylie palettes are gorgeous, but the colors are dull and "fall" looking, which- is beautiful with a deep dark tan and a dark holiday lip... prefect for holidays, perfect for kylie's skin tone... but they aren't bright by any means and i almost find myself wishing it was brighter and as "popping" as the two faced peaches palettes are... 

    i almost bought that tarte heat palette, which people have been comparing to the urban decay heat palette of course because of their title similarity, and i've heard some awful reviews about the tarte one... but honestly, i don't care.... i think i'm still going to buy it just because all of tarte's palettes are so gorgeous. the scoop is, the latest tarte heat palette is not the same formula as their other more successful palettes like the in bloom. so it was disappointing to a lot of fans and they got a backlash. 

    the new kylie concealers and brushes, to be honest, i want to try them. i heard the concealers are comparable to shape tape but a tad bit brighter and a lot more shade range, but they tend to be a bit "bone dry" and almost powdery, so if you have very dry crackled skin with tons and tons of lines, this isn't going to smooth that over for you. your face will look like a crackling sahara desert. i'm interested in the kylie concealers because they're only 20 bucks, which is great price and they have lighter, brighter shades. which, i've been desperate for. 

    the new patrick star shit i've yet to see in the mac stores everywhere, and i've gone to multiple locations. i'm not sure where the fuck it is.. but, i want to try it so bad. it looks so gorgeous. 

    also i've had my eye on all things jeffree star, debating getting things from him. his two new holiday glow palettes honestly, both look gorgeous but i'm not sure how they'd look on me, or if the anastasia or (insert every other brand with a glow kit here) would be better for my skin tone and the kind of glow i'm looking for (no glitter...) i'm more into the natural glow hence why i'm more into just plain ol' skin care. both the two new glow palettes of jeffrees both look either above or below my shade range... i am interested in his manny mua collab highlighter skin frost, but i don't really want one of the liquid lips in there. there are a few liquid lip shades i like, i'd go for the family star collection and the other lip amo kit. and i've still yet to try his eye shadow palettes, but if they're as bold as they seem, i need to get my hands on them for sure. they are gorgeous. my favorite lip shade of his that i've seen- is christmas cookie. it looks so yummy. 

    another trend i've seen is "holo" EVERYTHING everything is holo, everything is glittery. which I'm not mad at honestly. i'm kind of liking it, not sure why because i'm not really a "holo sexual" as they say on the internet... i dunno... but the shit looks cool not gonna lie. 

    oh and, jackie ayna released her new high lighter shade as well as a restock on last years release (marketed on insta and youtube, commerce brand) and it comes with an adorable glittery bag which i'm all about. so... i'll def be purchasing that from her before it runs out. i trust jackie that, her formula is perfection. 

    oh and i just wanted to say, i tried mario bodesque rose water spray and i think it made my skin have an allergic reaction. it was really red for like a day... so... i dunno if i'm gonna use that anymore. :/ sad because it smells great though... if you're int he market for some rose water i recommend it honestly. just get a small sample size and keep spraying it on your face everyday for a week, like a lot of it- to see how your skin reacts to it- and don't introduce anything new to your regiment so you can be sure that's what causes it. but for me, my skin turned into the fucking devil from it so- i guess that's a no go. 

    and last but not least, here's a promotion of my super pretty christmasy pinterest board i threw together this morning having coffee while some dude installed my toilet.

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